Camilla Fucili is 100% Italian, periodically habitual, collector of receipts, and interested in unimportant particulars. When she was a little girl she spent more time playing with Legos than with Barbie, and she wanted to become a wizard. As soon as she learned that it wasn’t enough to close her eyes and wish for something to appear, she left her fairy-tale hometown and went to University in Florence so that she could learn how to make things appear in a more rational manner. In 2007 she graduated with honors (BID) and moved to the United States to work for a New York based design agency. During this time she experimented with the power storytelling, simplicity and beauty that soon became essential landmarks in her ideation process.
Camilla graduated with honors from the Master in Industrial Design (MID) at the Rhode Island School of Design and was awarded Eva Zeisel Award in recognition of the commitment to beauty, art, and design. Camilla is now working with international firms and private clients as a designer and consultant, teaching at the Rhode Island School of Design and producing her own designs, creations with a soul that talk about our daily life.


Camilla creates projects with a soul; products that talk about us and make us smile; spaces that talk about people, their stories, and their habits. You will find products that twist the everyday and generate a new language made of stories, poetry, and imagination. Spaces are reinterpreted to create meaningful experiences of use, by adding to them a layer of sensitivity and driving the aesthetic experience forward. They talk about us and carry the marks of our existence, becoming metaphors of living -alter egos of their owners. It is a subtle awakening of the senses, a soft but vivid shift of perception.


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